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GHB can make you happy and horny with no comedown but a millilitre too much can put you in a coma, or be fatal. And whilst you're more likely to have heard about GHB in the context of the chemsex scene, or its abuse as a date rape drug, there's a lack of reporting about its prevalence in the dance music scene.

We went out to investigate just how widespread GHB abuse has become, and what we uncovered is alarming. A hidden G epidemic has been spreading through raves and clubs across Europe, leaving a trail of death in its wake.

In this special episode from a new series of High Society, we meet Holland's hardcore fanatics, we travel to Ibiza to see how far the drug has seeped into regular party life, and the Scottish DJ Jackmaster speaks openly about his GHB addiction, for the first time since he was accused of sexually harassing festival staff at a British festival in 2018.

This episode is the first of five new reports about five new alarming drug cultures.

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