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Hollywood Actors Who Had To Have An On Screen LGBTQ+ Kiss With Their Co-Stars.

Sometimes being an actor is hard work, like when you have to kiss co-stars! But you might be surprised how many straight actors have filmed LGBTQ and really enjoyed doing so! According to Anna Kendrick, sharing a smooch with Blake Lively in "A Simple Favor" was way better than any of the men she's worked with. Darren Criss has played such roles multiple times but says he's going to be stepping out of the way to hopefully allow more gay actors to get cast. Jake Borelli used his "Grey's Anatomy" scene as an excuse to come out on Instagram, and his cast mate Alex Landi is super supportive! When Olivia Colman had to film a love scene with Emma Stone she just couldn't resist pulling a hilarious prank on set! Rachel McAdams says working on "Disobedience" was an incredible experience, and so was getting to portray a romance with Rachel Weisz's character. Charlize Theron may have experimented with women in the past, but she's decided it's not for her. . .at least not when the cameras stop rolling!

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