What REALLY Happens When You Use Your Cell Phone On A Plane ─ TheRichest

This is really what happens if you're a passenger or an air plane, and you ignore the pilot and flight attendants warning and decide to use your new cell phone while flying

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Cell phones. They’re everywhere! And have been for a while now. From their humble beginnings as the behemoth Tom-Cruise-sized bricks that only the very rich could afford back in the 1970’s to the pocket-sized computers that permeate all of civilization today. In In fact you’d be hard pressed to go anywhere in the developed world these days and NOT observe a vast sea of zombied-out screen-gazers surfing the web, uploading bathroom selfies, crushing candy, sexting, ordering tacos, catching a ride home, watching videos on The Richest, or making phone calls.

But there’s one place we all know that cell phone use is definitely not tolerated: On an airplane during flight. But Why? Well, we here at The Richest did some digging to try and figure it out.

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