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becoming a tik tok star
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I've been a part of most if not all of the big social platforms we've had on the internet - from Myspace, Xanga, Live Journal, Facebook, etc - BUT I have resisted on joining the now-popular Tik Tok. I honestly didn't know much about it except that I'd hear rumblings of lip syncing tweens getting famous for their sped up covers of songs. SO, today I am joining the app for the first time to see what it's all about, watching what's trending on the app and making my first Tik Tok video. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE (click the bell why don't ya?) LIKE this video, COMMENT below what you want me to do on Tik Tok next and...


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Welcome to the official Tyler Oakley YouTube channel! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of LGBTQ and Fun content, including collaborations with YouTubers, celebrity collaborations & interviews I make lots of stuff on the internet. Make sure to subscribe and enable ALL notifications!

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