Trying Kacey Musgrave’s Favorite One Hour Photo Studio (Ft. Korey Kuhl) ─ Tyler Oakley

Trying Kacey Musgrave’s Favorite One Hour Photo Studio (ft. Korey Kuhl)
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A couple weeks ago I saw a story on Twitter about how Country music queen Kacey Musgraves needed a last minute photoshoot, so she went to a local LA portrait studio called "Tom's One Hour Photo Lab". The store's business had slowed down significantly since it opened almost 30 years ago and so Kacey posted about how much she loved the experience and her photos - making Tom a viral sensation. So naturally I got a reservation and I brought my BFF Korey along with me for a SISTERS photoshoot.with Tom. Make sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and comment your FAVORITE Kacey track in honor of our local-business-supporting LEGEND!

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