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Billie Eilish Graced The Cover Of Many Magazines, And Here's How Each Face Represents A New Layer Of Billie.
If you haven't heard of Billie Eilish, we won't get mad. But we're definitely sure that you've at least SEEN her somewhere in 2019, because her face has been everywhere! We're talking about magazine cover stories, and Billie has had a ton of them. I mean, have you seen her on the cover of ELLE Magazine recently? Publications from all over the world are wanting a piece of Billie's story, including international magazines! But mostly they all want to figure out how she became the face of Gen-Z music, and why Billie Eilish has taken over in 2019. Seriously, everyone is trying to figure out what makes Billie Eilish tick. She's won us over and captured our very souls with her music, she's transfixed us with her captivating and sometimes creepy or confusing music videos, so we want to know what these writers were able to find out about Billie when they interviewed her. Her super unique quirks, fascinating street style, and endless stories about what's going on in her head make for literary gold, obviously. But we want to look back at a ton of her 2019 magazine cover stories and see what all we've learned. What were the meanings behind certainly cover shoots? Did Billie reveal any new information about her story in the articles? Also, how much creative control does Billie get when she is involved in a new photoshoot? Tell us everything Billie! There's a lot to unpack here. But we do know one thing: there's so many facets to Billie Eilish, and we've only just scratched the surface.

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