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The hardest places to get to in the world are so isolated and remote that these locations and islands might never be seen other than through this video! Click on this video to save the princess!

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The 10 isolated places we picked are forbidden territory to us for several reasons. Some of them have to do with personal safety, while others want to harbour a secret in these locations and will likely go to great lengths to ensure these mysterious attractions stay that way.

That said, we can relate to your curiosity, so to save on the cost of plane fare, accommodations, and especially travel insurance, we've taken the trouble to identify 10 places you're not likely to set foot in, regardless of how determined you are to check them out. One aspect regarding these no-go zones that make it easier for authorities to defend their borders is the fact that most of them are hard enough to reach as it is.

Most of them are accessible only by boat, while a few of them can be reached by car on incredibly bad roads, and a couple of them are accessible on foot. In the case of hoofing it out to some of these forbidden areas, going the stealth route might serve to your advantage. However, we think it's wiser to stay parked where you are right now and check out this video of what would otherwise await you if you actually went to these areas.

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