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Countries around the world that are affected by the most intense weather conditions.
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In your idea of a perfect world, what would the weather be like? There are definitely some places that are more comfortable to live in than others. From extreme heat to extreme cold to extreme wetness, there are some parts of the world that encounter some rather interesting weather. And we all know that that isn't always ideal for people who want some consistency and normalcy in their life. Also, depending on how extreme the weather is, it can sometimes be risky for someone to be left outside in the elements. What would you do if you lived someplace so hot that the rubber on your tires melted? That would definitely affect your vehicle and the way that you get around in your daily life. Living somewhere with extreme dryness can also make something as simple as having a pet a major issue. In this video, we’re going to talk about countries around the world that experience weather that is wilder than your wildest dreams.

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