10 Laws You Didn't Know Existed In The USA ─ TheRichest

10 strange things you didn't know were laws in the United States.
What can you do and not do while in the USA.
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Dumb laws exist all over America. From small towns to big cities, every place has its own government that does things a little differently. These governments enact and enforce laws to try to make their communities a little bit better. That’s the goal, anyway. But that goal is sometimes misguided - and leaves the rest of us shaking our heads. If you're sitting there smugly thinking that America is one of the normal lawmaking countries, then you'll be surprised to know that they’re not. America rivals any place in the world for strangeness, and this video will prove it. We hope you enjoy learning about these weird and wacky laws, many of which are in your own backyard. Plus, now that you know about them, you’ll never have to worry about breaking them.

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