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Ever find an alligator frozen in water? Wait t'ill you see this! These are real animals, treasures and artifacts you'd never expect to be found frozen in ice!

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The frozen world may be treacherous, but it keeps that which it freezes in a state of eternal life. That's why so many spectacular treasures have been discovered preserved for hundreds or even millions of years in ice. Researchers discovered an entirely new species of dinosaur in the glaciers of Antarctica. Off the coast of Canada, a team found the perfectly-preserved wreck of the HMS Terror, a ship frozen in time. And in the French Alps, a climber discovered a metal box full of jewels worth over $300,000. But that's only the tip of the iceberg: the ice has also been the home of a $10 million vintage plane, a priceless viking sword, and bottles of perfectly-preserved whisky dating back to the 1800s that you can buy and try yourself.

But not everything frozen is an artifact. You'd be surprised at the amount of living creatures frozen in ice-- and the amount of them that can thaw themselves out and go right back to living life like normal, from alligators to frogs and strange arctic insects. And then there are the creatures that have no business in the ice, and we're still not sure how they got there, like a spectacular frozen hippo that defies all the odds. These frozen finds prove that an icy treasure just might be more valuable than a buried one-- but you can be the judge of that. So, join us on our arctic expedition as we thaw out some of the strangest things ever found frozen in ice-- and discuss the frozen fortune they've bestowed upon these brave adventurers.

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