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Charlize Theron Gained Extreme Weight For Movie Role, But She's Not The Only Hollywood Star To Gain Weight For A Role.

Being a Hollywood star isn't easy. There are a lot of demands placed on actors, especially when they take on a character that looks nothing like them. But sometimes, Hollywood producers don't opt for body suits and prosthetics to achieve a transformation. In fact, padding isn't the only way that these celebs turned into their characters. Sometimes, they were forced to gain extreme weight for a role. But they were totally on board with that.

Now, it's one thing to prepare for a role, but physically transforming yourself to play a character is totally different. But that's exactly what some actors are willing to do, especially when it's the role of a lifetime. It's a challenge that comes with some serious and sometimes permanent health risks. From gaining to losing weight, these performers felt that in order to play their roles perfectly, they had to drastically change their shape. And while they sacrificed confidence, self-worth and health for the sake of their career, they definitely aced their roles in the end.

Luckily for them, their bravery paid off. You won't believe what actors, such as Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, and Christian Bale have put themselves through all for the sake of their careers. And we're not just talking about a fake nose here or a hairpiece here and there. They've actually gained some serious weight just for a film. But whatever these actors have done and will continue to do, fans can rest assured that the end results will always be amazing.

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