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Red Bull is one of the most famous brands out there & with a brand value worth $9,9 Billion, how they spend all their billions is just as surprising as the number. From ridiculously high investments in f1, to the giant sport events, there's much more to it about the brand we didn't know about.

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It's in supermarkets, bars, pop-ups and convenience stores worldwide, and the infamous brand name is slapped on every cool, dangerous, crazy adrenaline event you could ever think of. It's the most popular drink of its kind worldwide and has been for a number of years, but the company is much more than just a pick-me-up beverage, in reality it's a marketing giant.

The company sits at #71 on the Forbes list. 6.8 billion cans of pure, eye-twitching, energy were sold worldwide in 2018, and since its introduction in 1987, over 75 billion cans have been chugged down.

Considering that the drink itself actually costs next to nothing to produce, the $4-or-so price tag draws in an insane amount of profit. So how does Red Bull spend all of this moolah? Crack one open and let's find out.

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