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Did you know the owner of Amazon Jeff Bezos, a pretty famous millionaire, used to be a simple fry cook at McDonalds when he was 23 years old? Celebrities can often seem like gods. Indestructible, unrelatable, untouchable. But many people in the highest echelons of society were once like you and me.

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They came from humble beginnings, lower and middle class upbringings, before hard work, determination, and a lot of sweet talk took them to where they dreamed to be. Whether coming from other nations and immigrating to the United States, becoming orphaned and learning to support themselves at a young age, or starting with literally no money in the bank, these famous people can show us all a thing or two.

Jeff Bezos worked as a fry cook at McDonald's before building Amazon into a mammoth company. J.K. Rowling was a teacher and a single mother before concocting the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Oprah Winfrey started working at a grocery store before becoming a local news correspondent and ultimately transforming into the global personality she is today. Ralph Lauren, Doug McMillan, Robert Herjavec, Pope Francis, Kat Cole, Jim Carrey, Kenny Trout, Michael Bloomberg, Geena Davis, John Paul DeJoria, Sylvester Stallone, Ken Langone, Shahid Khan, George Soros, Jan Koum, Larry Ellison, and Faith Hill had similar beginnings. They're all incredibly different people, but they all share a drive to expand their potential and learn new things to achieve their ultimate goals.

We all have it within ourselves to make it to the top and if there's any lesson we can take from this video, it's that the choices we make now ultimately have a huge effect on where we end up. So choose wisely and try to make the smart decisions that set you and your loved ones up for the best possible future. Join TheRichest and expand your own potential. Whether you want to change the world or enjoy wild and informative content, we've got answers to some of your craziest questions.

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