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Everything You Need To Know About Brunei's Princes
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When we think of royal princes, Prince Harry and Prince William normally come to mind. When we think of lavish, expensive, royal weddings, images of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton tend to pass through our heads. And while we may feel a tinge of sadness at the realization that the British royal princes are forever promised to other women, we can find some comfort in the fact that there are still eligible, handsome princes out there. Does Prince Abdul Mateen ring any bells? What about his older brother, Prince Abdul Malik? While only one of these brothers is single, the other threw the most extravagant wedding ever that he deserves a spot up there with princes’ William and Harry. And when we say extravagant, we mean diamond-encrusted-gold-plated-ten-day-celebration extravagant. Oh, and did we mention that this over the top prince has an extremely handsome and equally over the top single younger brother? Stay right here on TheTalko as we take a look inside The Crazy Rich Worlds Of The Brunei Princes, Abdul Mateen And Abdul Malik.

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