10 Times The Royals Recycled Fashion Outfits In Public ─ TheTalko

Meghan Markle Is Not The Only Royal To Wear The Same Outfit More Than Once In Public.
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Recycling outfits can be a major fashion faux pas, especially if you are a member of royalty. But these British Royals brought only the best of the best back and we couldn't be happier. Even Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle fall for their favorite fashion outfits more that once! Prince Harry and Prince Williams coordinate with their stunning wives which makes them look like a stunning team when they venture into the public eye. Remember that famous moment when the Queen single-handedly brought neon back at ninety...#neonatninty? Well, even the Queen isn't afraid to re-wear some of her brightest outfits...though the neon green has seemingly been tucked away. We're going to show you all the wonder recycled outfits the Royals wore that we couldn't be more excited to see again. From Alexander McQueen to a relaxed Zimmerman dress, all the good ones get worn more than once. Subscribe to TheTalko before we begin the walk down epic dress lane!

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