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10 people behind the meme that made them famous... where are they now?
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Memes are one of those wonderfully shareable internet sensations that spread from person to person and snowball quickly into a viral phenomenon meant to be shared for mostly passive aggressive and often humorous purposes. What’s fascinating about memes is that they can be modified through replication. The only reason you probably wouldn’t know what a meme is, is because you’ve been living under a rock. At this point in human history, memes make the world go round. It’s 2018, we thought we’ve seen them all - but the internet is such a magical place, it never fails to surprise us. We’ve all got our favourites, and incredibly, we’ve managed to see an evolution of memes being these iconic images of real life people to things turning out to be more and more relatable with every click, turning into cartoon based images, vines, vine remixes and mood boards. In this video, we essay a series of iconic memes who are forever recognized but who eventually had to grow up and inevitably look a lot different than they used to. From internet sensations to people you might never recognize on the street, here are some of the world’s most memorable memes and what they look like today.

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