THE PERFECT DATE w/ ThE ̸̗͍̮̼͙P̏͂̈́ͦ͂̂E͆̈́ͧͮͣ̍̄Ŕ̓͋F̿̒ͦĒͫ̑ͧCT̓ ͏̪̜̗͔̻̘giRL | Doki Doki - Part 4 ─ Markiplier

This must be what LOVE feels like! I'm so unbelievably happy! I could just scream at the top of my lungs for hours and hours and hours!


What a simple thing

The sweetest poison
A blood-stained ring

A tender kiss
A bitter sting

Eternal bliss
A lonely king

How much of this is even real?

This pain
This love
This somber wheel

An endless turn of snake and tail
An endless storm, malignant gale

Yet here I sit upon my throne
My only truth... I am alone

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