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SECRETS Toy Companies Don't Want You To Know

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You probably have fond memories of your favorite childhood toy, and you might even still have a few He-Man figurines kicking around somewhere. But do you remember the time that one Barbie doll was so controversial that it got pulled from shelves? Or the time a Cabbage Patch Doll had to be recalled because of its ravenous appetite? We’ll tell you about these surprising toy disasters and many more in this video. Play-Doh comes in many shapes and a distinctive scent, but it started out as a cleaning product rather than a toy. Back when Mr. Potato Head was first introduced, children had to provide their own potato to put him together. There’s also an American Girl Doll that some people went too far with her sad backstory, and some Beanie Babies that managed to offend former first lady, Michelle Obama.

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