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Surprising Things Famous People Try To Hide From Fans

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Gordon Ramsay is known for his uncontrollable rants on his show “Kitchen Nightmares” as well as being one of the most highly sought after people in the food industry. However, while he might want us to think that he only lives the high life and enjoys everything expensive and fancy, there is another side to Chef Ramsay that might shock us all. Because he has been making so much money from the food industry and becoming one of the best known reality stars ever, we assume that he probably spends no less than $100 per meal, or wouldn’t be caught shopping in the dollar aisle at a discount store. Yet, he is human just like the rest of us, and we should be relieved. We all have our little secrets, and Ramsay has them too even if he does live a champagne lifestyle...he seems to secretly yearn for a cheap burger on occasion.

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