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Famous People Who Are Different From Their TV Personal

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The term “reality TV” is really ironic, considering that we’ve long learned that the genre is far from being real. Instead of being called, “reality TV”, it should really be called “scripted reality” since a lot of the fights, confrontations, and the most dramatic moments on screen are planned out. Think about it, you going through your average day isn’t always exciting and wouldn’t bring in the ratings. In order for a reality show to survive, there has to be a storyline with plot points and drama. If those elements don’t come together, then the show won’t come through. Sometimes, these shows’ biggest stars will be the ones to expose themselves through various mistakes. Of course, it turns into a public relations nightmare for the networks as they try to do damage control and try to maintain the illusion of reality. But once we know the truth about a show, there’s no turning back!

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