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A glimpse inside the lives of China's elite
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It’s always fascinating seeing how the richest one percent live, and the “fuerdai” are no exception to that. These are the “second-generation rich” of China’s millionaires and billionaires, and they love to spend their wealth and boast about it on social media. Join us as we take a look inside the lives of the rich kids of China.

We get a glimpse into these rich kids’ lives through social media, like the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, called Weibo, as well as in reality TV shows like “Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver.” The Chinese government is so against these kinds of ostentatious displays of wealth that they actually banned such reality programs that star the offspring of Chinese celebrities. But there are plenty of ways for the young rich to spend money fast, like the Supercar Club China and the car dealers who specialize in finding supercars for rich Chinese college students living in North America.

Some famous rich kids have caused outrage for their excessive lifestyles and boastful posts online. Wang Sicong was heavily criticized for a particular picture of his dog wearing certain expensive accessories. And Guo Meimei created a huge controversy for her lavish lifestyle. There are also famous rich young Chinese stars who gain a lot of attention for their wealth without getting into trouble for it, like Moka Fang, who married one of the Four Heavenly Kings, Aaron Kwok.

Watch our video to go inside the lives of the rich kids of China, and tell us in comments what you think about it.

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